Adventure Sharing

8AFD7D52-BF0C-4B3B-AE9B-091C0549F49BEnough is enough, I’m getting out of this funk. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and posted it here. I’ve used shiny distractions like newsletters and social media announcements to free my written creativity. Why haven’t I posted anything in a while? Truth is, I don’t have a great reason, else than I just didn’t know what I wanted to share.
When I came up with the idea for this website, it was just after I lost my job, I thought long and hard about it and thought this would be a good way to share my adventures. I ran the idea by a few people and they thought it was great too. One person I shared it with was my Grandma, I explained the idea and how it worked and what a blog was and she thought about it and said ok, sounds good. A few days later, while I was visiting she said to me, “I’ve been thinking about that thing you said you were thinking about doing, that blog thingie. I think it’s a really great idea and should do it”.
That night I went home and registered the site and started building the templates.
I wanted to share my adventures with people, I was already doing this when I returned home from a trip, a hike, a paddle whatever it was I’d share it, especially with my Grandma. When she got sick last fall, I started to write a few things and I never actually posted them and I may never, they feel to close for me let them out just yet. When she passed away at the beginning of this year, I didn’t realize what a sounding board for my adventures she was until she wasn’t there to share them with.
My Grandma didn’t travel overseas very much, she went with her best friend to Scotland when I was a teenager and she had an amazing time. My Grandparents mostly traveled to the US and spent a lot of time in Las Vegas.
When it came time for me to make my first overseas adventure she was both excited and worried. After all our world isn’t as safe of a place as it once was, but I was traveling with Mr. E who has some experience under his belt and well, let’s face it he’s not a little dude. I promised to keep in touch and made arrangements with my Mom to have a Skype session with them at a couple stages throughout our trip. When I checked in on Skype, she thought it was the neatest thing and of course she was happy I was safe and having an amazing adventure. When I got home I shared my pictures and stories with her over a bowl of bún. This is how I would share all my future adventures with her. I’ve had a few adventures this past year since she has passed, as I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t posted them. This is going to change, right away. I’m going to sit down with a bowl of bún and get writing. Stay tuned for some fresh adventures.

Images ©2017 Amanda Gibson Photography


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