Seeking New Adventures… aka Looking for Work

thumb_KULV4899_1024First things first, and I can’t stress this point enough, I HATE INTERVIEWS! Almost as much as I hate being out of work, and I think that there is a lot of other people who feel the same way.

Just to give you an idea of how much I hate interviews here are a few things that I would rather do; such as mowing the lawn, going to the dentist, hell even getting eaten by the hole, that is just out of sight in the picture above, again!  My heart races, nearly as high as being eaten by the aforementioned hole, but without the adventure to share.

When I’m in an interview my mind goes into overdrive trying to find the “right” answer that the company is looking for. Instead of an actual intelligent answer coming out of my mouth I get more of a spattering of random words, that may or may not work together to create a coherent sentence let alone answer the question that was just asked.  Jumping out of a plane is easier. I know. I’ve done it.

Even in the past, when I’ve been on the other side conducting the interviews, I haven’t liked them. What do they actually prove, that some people can talk themselves up better than others?

Let me show you what I am capable of! Have me do a test that shows my skills and ask me some random questions while you’re at it, I can tell you, you’ll get way better answers out of me this way.

Better yet, make me go through a obsticle course. You’ll get a better idea of my problem solving abilities by seeing what route I choose and how I deal with the other challenges that you have laid out before me. Sneak something in there twice to see if I do the same thing as I did the first time or if I learned a new trick to make it easier and did it better the second time.

All the same searching for work is an adventure in and of itself. You never really know what you’re applying for, if it is a real job your or is it just a scam to get your information. If it is for the actual position the ad says it’s for or if its for another position that has “just come up” and don’t even get me started on spelling and grammar!

There is also a whole new level of adventure if you’re offered an interview, outside of the interview process itself. Going to an address that you’re not entirely sure of… hrm are there actually businesses in this area? Entering a very white and sterile feeling, empty office, only to go into a boardroom with diagrams on the whiteboards outlining the flow of something that somehow includes bukaki and HD porn… how does this have anything to do with the admin position that I applied for??!!  Going to an interview in an old house… never have I been more relieved to open a door and see desks and an office in my life!

Now don’t get me wrong, just because I choose to vent my frustrations at being socially awkward, or maybe professionally awkward is more the correct term, in this blog does not mean that I would not like a second opportunity to interview with you or even to work with you. It is just that, a way to vent frustrations, at having to do something that is super awkward in order to attempt to get job regardless of your actual skill, talents or education.

Image © Amanda Gibson Photography 2016.



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